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How you can sow into this Community project financially…

Local Business - Corporate Leaders

Bronze Fork                                     

Silver Spade                              

Golden Rake                                  




Healthy Food for Children Project

Sow Seeds                                     

Sprout Hope                           

New Grove                                                     





Honoring our Veteran's Sacrifice

Aid Future Farmers

Sponsor Grow Walls                       

Foster a Greenhouse                                      




Monthly Recurring Donations


Donate Your Own Amount

Venture capitalists and Angel Investors may offer philanthropic giving toward the mission programs for which they may receive a return on their investment or file tax-deductible donation to the Foundation as we collaborate with these 501(c)3 organizations:

Live Healthy Carolinas

Community Health & Wellness

Living Waters Foundation

Fresh Food for Children Project

JBJ Soul Kitchens

Food and Nutrition Programs​

Zinn Ministries

Disciple and Corporate Leadership

Education Center

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Let's Grow Together

Cross Creek Retreat Farm

Hillsville, VA 24343

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